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Virtually Jenna Jameson

3D celebrity sex simulation game.

This ranks among the best interactive sex games out there. One of the most popular porn stars in the world is now here just for you. Jenna Jameson, who you have probably seen in various flicks and magazines, is now available as a full 3D Cyber-babe ready to please you in Virtually Jenna. Jenna comes as either a blonde or a brunette, and shows off her large and perfect breasts. She also has a clit ring and tatoo on her ass, to give a very authentic reproduction of the real Jenna. Jenna's face and body where digitally converted to 3D by xStream3D, and it looks to me like they did a great job. The pics below show Jenna's actual pic and her 3D counterpart side-by-side. Pretty impressive!

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Besides the two Jennas, there are a few additional characters as well. You can play with one, or any combination of two characters. The game is powered by the Thrixxx game engine and the extra characters in this game are also featured in 3DSexvilla by Thrixxx. You can play with Just Jenna, or with both Jennas. Also you can put Jenna with another girl or guy and control your own sex scene from a third person point of view.

To sexually interact with the characters, you can choose from an array of dildos or fingers that you can insert into her orifices for sex or oral sex in almost any combination you can think of, first person one on one, girl-girl, girl-guy. The game also has an 'automatic' mode where you can adjust the rhythm between slow, medium or fast. This is especially good if you want to adjust the camera for more interesting angles, or have her masturbate for you.

Unlike some of the other Thrixxx driven games such as 3DSexvilla or 3DSlut you can't change her breast size, do her make up, add nipple jewelery, etc. You can, however, change her outfits and do all the same sexual interactions as the other games. The first person action in Virtually Jenna is a little harder to control compared to 3DSlut, but if you focus the camera on a certain body part, it works pretty well.

As if this wasn't already a cool game as it is, you can also enter a room where a photo shoot takes place, and you have Jenna change her poses and facial expressions while you snap pictures, which you can then save to your hard drive.

The audio is good, but nothing overly elaborate. The game includes a few moans and some sampled vocals of Jenna's actual voice. Short clips like "give it to me baby", "I'm almost there" (when she's approaching orgasm), and she'll say "Play with me" if you ignore her too long.

I've read that some interesting updates are planned for Virtually Jenna. One of which will let you submit your photo to become a 3D character yourself in the game! Then you can watch as your virtual self gets to have sex with Jenna and other gorgeous porn stars. This game takes you beyond the limitations of video and allows you to take it to the next level of interaction.

You can get a free demo of Virtually Jenna Jameson Here





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