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3D Striptease

I recently came across a great product from Tipping Rock Studios called 3DStriptease, which
features virtual exotic dancers who strip in full 3D. This is not just your typical dance / strip game,
so if you want to see her undress, you'll have to work for it a little. That's right, this is
a first person shooter striptease game!

Before you launch the game, you have the choice of two different dancers. Once you start the game, two meters will display.
A cash meter and a time meter. To get the girls to keep stripping you have to keep your cash meter from hitting
zero by shooting the correct objects that are floating towards you. Avoid cocktails that float your way by dodging them,
because they deplete your cash supply, and no cash means no more stripping and she walks off the stage.
Also, be careful not to shoot the dancer because that will cost you too. Jump up to catch the
kisses and receive bonus cash.

By shooting the right objects (floating hearts) around you,
you'll replentish your cash. If you still have cash when the timer runs out then you have
successfully completed the round and your time and money supply is renewed. Every time you
complete a successful round she removes another piece of her clothing until she is naked.
Then it's off to the VIP room for a private show.

One of the things that really impressed me was the overall quality of the graphics and the
great music. The dancer dances to a very cool song by Coyote Traxx. There are four different
musical tracks altogether. Another thing that makes this game stand out is that upon attaining
each level, the girl actually removes the article of clothing. In other
streaptease games I've played, the article of clothing simply disappears at each level.
I especially like this feature because seeing a girl remove her clothing is what makes
striptease arousing, right? That's why they call it striptease! Anyway,
this effect is lost in other games when the clothes simply disappear at different intervals.

You can also customize the keyboard options (controls setting). I found the default movement
options a little difficult to maneuver with. By default the key combos are: w-move forward,
x-move back, d-move right, a-move left, c-crouch,
space bar-jump. I changed the movement keys to correspond to the arrow keys and
made the right ctrl key for jump, and Del for crouch.
You can change them by highlighting the key settings, and pressing "enter" and
then press the desired key that you wish to use for the corresponding movement to change it.

In the controls, 'advanced options' settings you can make the cross-hairs visible, which makes aiming much easier.

I found the game play to be to be challenging enough to keep my interest up. Of course, seeing the dancer strip more
is also a major incentive. There are three levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium, and Hard. I played the
game on the "Easy" setting, and even after modifying my keyboard settings, it still took me a while to get through all the levels successfully. Maybe I'm just a putz, hehe.

This game emulates a great atmosphere of a real strip club, and when I finally earned my
way to the VIP room for my private dance, I noticed that I still had 360 degree control and could walk around the platform as she danced for me. The dance moves are very good, by the way. Whether she's on stage or in the VIP room, the dancer's breasts bounce and jiggle very realistically, which is always a major plus.

When I first found the game, I downloaded the demo, and after just a short time, I had a
good idea that purchasing this game was going to be indeed worthwhile. The only hitch I
found in the demo was that it automatically played full screen, & I couldn't figure out
how to end the game, so I had to do the three finger salute to end the task. I suppose Alt+F4
would have been the logical choice. I have to admit that I didn't look too hard for directions
either. The game is priced at a fraction of other strip club type games, and I felt like I
got much more game than what I paid for. It's just an all around fun game, and it's not
everyday that you can buy such a quality product for so little.

Screen Shots

  • 3d striptease thumb 13D Dancer on stage
  • 3d striptease thumb 2shooting at heart object
  • 3d striptease thumb 3Dancer
  • 3d striptease thumb 4Private Dance - Vip room (Dancers aren't censored in the game)
  • 3d striptease thumb 5Level advance





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